Real Talk: Why I Still Believe in Fairy Tales

“Every human being yearns in their heart for something more, something deeper, and it’s the magic and wonder of childhood fairy tales that stirs such deep desires in our souls.” C.Z. Anderson reminds us that fairy tales cannot satisfy the yearning in our souls (only God can do that), but they remind us that “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” This doesn’t mean that we should be childish and irresponsible. It simply means that we should be childlike. Meaning that we believe anything is possible; not letting the world put us in a box.

The Stand Sure Adventure

Why I Still Believe in Fairy Tales

I always knew that I was different than everyone else. At age four, I was diagnosed with Type-1 Bipolar Disorder; an especially young and severe case for this illness. My parents were told that I would always need special help, and that the mental illness could never be cured; only regulated through prescription drugs. I was stuck being fundamentally different for the rest of my life.

You may be asking, what does this have to do with the fairy tales I mentioned in the title? Well, as I grew up, I realized that although my social skills were very limited, and my emotions were sometimes uncontrollable, I had an extremely active imagination. My mind was always buzzing with activity, and I was always daydreaming. Through this intense imagination, Bipolar actually shaped one of my greatest passions; my love of writing and reading. With…

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