I didn’t want him until I couldn’t have him.

We always want what we can’t have (even if it isn’t the best thing for us.)

Modern Ruth Project


How many times have you heard some variation on this or thought it yourself??

Meet Tom.  I went on a first date with Tom.  He was an ER nurse practitioner, smart, tall, and we had a good conversation at a local diner.  There was something slightly off about him – okay, I’ll be honest, his voice was high pitched and he seemed, well, effeminate, which was a turn-off.  (Does that make me shallow??  Oh well, it’s the truth!)

I left the dinner pretty sure it was a no.  We just didn’t have the chemistry.  But I was also pretty sure that he would call me for a second date.  I mean, the conversation never lagged.  And I was dressed up and looking good!  I got in the car already thinking about the next date, even as I knew the relationship wouldn’t go anywhere.

But then, he didn’t call.  No call…

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