Being Thankful for Singleness

Since I’ve been single now for three and a half years,  I’ve had lots of time to think about about my situation. Most of the time it really stinks to be alone but I’ve learned to be content and even thankful for many benefits I have the pleasure to enjoy. These are just some of the many blessings I reap:

1.) I get to experience a plethora of different personalities since I’m back in the dating game and I have plenty of time to analyze the qualities that are important to me and what I’m not willing to live with. Dating is annoying but it’s also fun, too.


(I have a story about this to come… stay tuned!)

2.) I have tons more time to focus on my hobbies and friends and catch up on reading.


3.) I don’t have to shave unless I want to.


4.) When I put leftovers in my fridge, I know they will be right there where I put them when I return for them.


5.) I can go on vacation whenever I want and don’t have to worry about another person’s schedule.


6.) Any relationship requires flexibility and compromise, so during this time of singleness I can reassess my life and make new plans without having another person holding me back from where I’d like to be. Developing my goals and reaching towards them gives me more respect and love for myself and I know that the next person who comes along will appreciate me all the more for chasing after them.

7.) Singleness gives me plenty of time to assess the damage that has been done to my broken heart, unpack all my baggage, and walk the road to recovery and healing. Becoming more self-aware helps me to be more open and honest with someone about who I am and what they’d be getting into with me. baggage



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