Parking Lot Guy

This blog entry shall be about a handsome 37-year-old Mexican American man who asked me for my number in a parking lot. That was something like three weeks ago and since then we have been on three glorious dates. On the third date, we were eating tacos together when out of the blue he told me he was a millionaire.

Me: Yeah, sure.

Him: You don’t believe me? *Whips out phone and proceeds to show me his bank account.*

Me: Hmmm. Wow.

Him: Told you. I just bought a 4,000 square-foot house. I’m working on the bathroom right now. You wanna go to Lowe’s with me?

First we looked at light fixtures then faucets and counters and tiles. I started to freak out over this iridescent rainbow bathroom tile and insisted that he at least think about it because it was so beautiful I thought I would die.


He laughed and said that he loved how passionate I was about color. Then we headed over to the doorknob section and it was there that I was inspecting some drawer pulls when he unexpectedly blurted out, “You should move in with me.”

This was the absolute last thing I expected him to say in that moment. We hadn’t kissed yet. He hadn’t even expressed any interest in me other than friendship. I assumed he must have meant as a roommate type of situation because it wasn’t a very romantic way to ask someone to move in with you.

“Having a male roommate is kind of weird, don’t you think?” Was all I could muster up as a response.

Well, that concludes this fairly odd tale. Just thought I would share it because it was the strangest thing that happened to me on a date in a long time.


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