At 30, the Struggle is Real

This is me whenever I see a studly man with a ring on his left hand and I’m trying to get a better look to see if it’s a wedding ring or a purity ring.


Looks like it might be a purity ring. FINALLY! This never happens. Like ever. Not at my age anyway.

“Hey, is that a purity ring? Oh, I see. Nevermind! Carry on. Have a nice life.”

And how about the time at work when a ridiculously handsome guest came in. Then, right before he left, he told my co-worker, “I love you.” I almost fell over in surprise. “Who was that guy?” I asked her. “That was my dad,” She replied. I just stared at her. “Are you serious?” Now I feel REALLY old. He was only 37 but still. When you are checking out a guy with a 16-year-old daughter, that’s when you know you’re officially in a whole new ballgame.


One thought on “At 30, the Struggle is Real

  1. This is actually realistic!!

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