The Meaning of Sapphires

Sapphires are September’s birthstone. September is my birthday month and also the month I started this blog.

Called “The Stone of Destiny,” the sapphire’s symbolism includes truth, faithfulness, sincerity, heaven, and joyful devotion to God.

In crystal healing chakra therapy, sapphire is said to contribute to mental clarity and perception as well as help to accomplish goals, transmute negative thoughts, and bring peace.

According to Ezekiel 1:26, God sits on a throne of sapphire.

Sapphires have long been the favorite among priests and kings, who considered it a symbol of wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and purity.

Even though sapphires come in every color of the rainbow, its name is derived from the Latin word “Sapphirus” meaning blue. Blue is considered its “true color.”

The stone is rated a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale which is second only to diamonds. They are virtually scratchproof and even used to polish diamonds.

The chemical formula of sapphire is Al2O and no chemical can affect it.

In the book of Isaiah, God promises His rebellious, broken Israelites that one day, He will remove remove their old foundations of fear, anger, and pain and rebuild them upon foundations of sapphires. This is a reminder today that no matter how desolate our circumstances may seem and no matter how much heartache we feel, God will replace our foundation with strong, beautiful gemstones that represent Truth and joyful devotion to God.


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